I bought the 5 Spawning Sockeye and the Boat & Bridge Blue Night giclee prints. I’m not a critic or art expert …. I just love what I love and your work has great appeal and it’s peaceful. I love water and movement. You seem to combine these elements so well. Your original painting of the birds in Seven Trees is also wonderful. I guess I’ve used ‘love’ a gazillion times, but I really enjoy your art and want to hang more of it in my home and office!


My husband Justin and I bought your beautiful piece ‘Budding Expectations’ ... I absolutely adore everything about it. It is so perfect, and is going to be hung in our hallway over my grandfathers antique table... wanted to let you know that it will be loved and cherished by Justin and I. :)


Just received Winter Wonder and wanted to thank you again for your wonderful work. The piece has added a touch of beauty to another room in our home. We recently had a party and some friends asked for your name. The work speaks for itself. Thank you again.


When I walked into the Modern Villa Art Gallery and saw your piece of art on the wall that I believe is called Early Morning Daydream, I was in awe of it like I was in awe of the ocean. It really touched me in an interesting way. I found it to be spiritual, beautiful, interesting, creative, joyful, richly textured, playfully colorful, etc etc etc.

I found Sharon and told her to come into the gallery and see this wonderful piece of art. She fell in love with it just like I did. We told the woman at the front desk that we had seen a lot of art that day and that this was our absolute favorite.

This email is simply to tell you that you are our favorite artist now and that if we could have, believe me, we would have bought your incredible piece of art. We've decided to make it a goal of ours to plan to save for something from you in the future. I can't wait to have your art hanging in our home in Fort Collins Colorado.


My friend Beth and I fell in love with the Bridging Twilight on display in the gallery. After coming home and thinking about that piece so much, I just had to have it, so I bought it yesterday. I can't wait to bring home your lovely art and hang it in my living room in a very perfect place!


We purchased a giclee of Astoria Mist. It is our favorite print ever! We love your work.


Just wanted to say that we purchased "Somewhere to Believe In" and we are loving it more every minute it is here! It will be our first of your work!

Jody and Steve

I'm moved by Ms. Goodnough's work.


The print arrived today, it is beautiful -- we are so excited to have it.


Painting "Being With Quiet"

I have no words! I truly get very emotional, I only have a friend that she lives in Venice Italy who is an artist she understand what is like when art speaks to you.

Sarah keep painting you are a wonderful gifted person, we just keep waiting for what is next to come.


I just discovered your work... I can't tell you how much I love it. Good luck to you in all you do - you have a wonderful gift.


I saw your prints at the Cannery Pier Hotel & LOVED them! Such beautiful artwork!


I'm really looking forward to seeing “Summer Delight” again and can't decide if it should grace the entryway or if I'll be selfish and put it in my office for inspiration.

I absolutely adore the "Finding Home" original every single day. The colors are so rich and the content so complex. Endlessly fascinating to me.


I am interested in purchasing the 24 x 24 print "Beyond Limitations" on the thinner 3/4 stretcher bar for framing. I would also like the hand embellishment. I told my husband that I swear one day I able to buy an original but for now, hand embellishing will do :) Please let me know how to proceed.


I recently came across your work and was very excited. Wow - beautiful art!


I purchased some of your prints at the art show in New York a few years ago. We love them!


I am still delighted when I think back to the day that Mike surprised me by meeting you! He did score emotional bank account points! I didn't want to be a "groupie" and tax your time with endless chatter. I was so happy just to meet you in person.


Your giclee print was a huge hit with my wife! We both fell inlove with your work while we were in Astoria and are thrilled to have a little bit of it hanging in our home.


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