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The series, Living Beyond Ordinary, is about the personal growth of being human, of performance, and of discovering our higher selves. It reflects on different ways of being that empower us and elevate mind, body, and soul connection: being courageous, vulnerable, open, peaceful, powerful, unstoppable, trusting… Each painting possesses different aspects of what is means to break through the limitations of ordinary to create an extraordinary life.
The images depict animals and/or figures which tell an imaginative narrative, honoring both our humanity and our divinity. The human figures are dancers or performers, emphasizing the joy of being alive and experiencing our physical grace and strength. We are not our bodies, yet loving our body, and the experience of being in our body, can be exhilarating. These figures also represent discipline and perseverance, training their body and mind to do the extraordinary.
The animals are symbols, they are metaphors or guides, embodying characteristics of empowerment. They act as our higher consciousness; they are access to relating to ourselves as capable, powerful and miraculous.
Inspired by her own journey to create this series, Sarah sees this not just as her story, but as the story of the human experience. Through life’s challenges, we can choose to see it as lessons and opportunities, or dreadful circumstance. Through trusting, having courage and being vulnerable, we discover our own truths and experience love, peace and being known. Through this we have the ability to shine our light brightly into the world, sharing our love and wisdom.
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Leaping Into The Unknown Chess Peace Mastering This Moment
36 x 48
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48 x 60
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48 x 30
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Dancing with Courage
36 x 48
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