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I moved this past May to Portland full time. I switched rooms in my home to create a larger more open space for me to work in. I am loving this new space, it has great energy and has everything a painter could wish for: great natural and artificial light, room to paint, a sink and storage cabinets, comfy chairs for relaxation and reflection, french doors to my back yard patio, and my pin-ball machine.

I have been iProcess of the pouring medium.ncorporating a new techniqu into some of my paintings. Using a pouring medium mixed with paint, layers are poured onto a flat canvas in planned and random areas. It is hard to really control this medium, the process is messy and never dries as expected. It is a fun challenge to figure out how to bring the painting together after the first 4 or 5 layers dry. It is safe to say, no two will ever be alike.

The pouring medium has a transparent and glossy sheen that takes on an encaustic appearance. I built my latest waterscape series taking advantage of this property.

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